Fernando Antonio / CEO

Fernando is also the founder of ZAkasi Property, is a tech entrepreneur with a passion for entrepreneurship beyond the sheer mechanism of just running a business. He has been listed by FastCompany Magazine as one of 2017’s most creative people in business and also featured in the Real Estate Investor magazine for developing the first township property platform. Now Fernando is leading the innovative team building the first Pan-African business support platform for entrepreneurs in townships and rural areas.

Lihe Ndinwa / CMO

A brand strategist by passion with extensive experience helping young entrepreneurs in the townships of Cape Town create and maintain an effective brand for their businesses. He is also the founder of uStrategy, a brand management firm with great success across industries. His exceptional experience in communications and brand management equipped him with innovative, essential skills to lead BizLula to being a viral startup and a well-known brand.

Lebo Ndiza / CTO

a tech enthusiast and self-taught JavaScript developer, he is also the founder of KoenaConcepts, a consultation company that has shown Pan-African excellence in countries such as Tanzania, Kenya and Ghana, offering mentoring to young entrepreneurs. He was equipped with software entrepreneurship skills at MEST Africa, which granted him access to the essential resources he needs to build globally scalable technology startups.