Services and Products

Our Services


We develop an online presence that will help your business attract the customers that are searching online for products and services.

Digital marketing

Data-driven techniques are used to provide you with effective digital marketing services that are responsive and personalized for more RoI.

B2B lead generation

We combine innovative technology to provide your business with data-driven qualified, prospected business leads for your product or services.

B2C Lead Generation

We have data-driven techniques to provide your business with qualified consumer leads for your products or services.

Our Products

BizLula Web

The BizLula Web Application is a  fully functional CRM/ERP for you to run your business online efficiently and effectively, despite the strength of your internet connectivity. Integrations will allow the platform to be customized to suit your business model and operations.

BizLula Mobi

The BizLula Mobile Application enables you to to easily and conveniently manage your business on the move, using less data.

BizLula Meets

We run occasional workshops, networking events and forums that the BizLula team will host based on the demand and topics recommended by fellow entrepreneurs.