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BizLula is a Pan-African initiative developed by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. The initiative is to combine extensive market research and the expertise of an entrepreneurship network to develop a web and mobile application that will bring business support services to entrepreneurs at the convenience of their mobile devices (smartphone, tablet or laptop).

The initiative is developed by three young entrepreneurs who’ve had a tremendous contribution to creating a Pan-African entrepreneurial revolution. The three founders, Fernando Antonio (CEO), Lihle Ndindwa (COO & CFO) and Lebo Ndiza (CTO) are all graduates of the Raymond Ackerman Academy of Entrepreneurial Development at the University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business.

The trio decided to combine their expertise, experience and network to give entrepreneurs in the rural areas and townships of Africa convenient access to business support services to expand their businesses.

The co-founders’ vision is a Pan-African entrepreneurial revolution created with the use of innovative technology to grant underprivileged youth access to economic development opportunities.

The BizLula initiative started in December 2015 when CTO, Lebo Ndiza, in his graduation speech, committed himself to providing young entrepreneurs access to business support services.

Graduating in the same class as Lebo, Fernando started his own tech startup called ZAKasi Properties. Lihle at the time had already graduated and had an operational business. He decided to become a mentor to young entrepreneurs after seeing the struggles they go through.

Lebo conducted extensive research on business support services suitable for young entrepreneurs in Africa as he mentored young entrepreneurs in the townships of Cape Town in 2016, went on to mentor student entrepreneurs in the universities of Tanzania in and had his own experience as a student entrepreneur in Ghana in 2017

In 2018, the trio regrouped to combine all their expertise to create an initiative that will grant business support services to young entrepreneurs in Africa. Scalability was an issue of concern so the co-founders decided to build a web and mobile platform that will give young entrepreneurs the convenient access to business support services at their fingertips.

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